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“ Through a lens that supported my personal musical interests, Douglas helped develop my technique, aided in preparing me for my school jazz band, and gave me a strong music theory foundation. I entered college ahead of many of my peers in performance ensemble. I highly recommend studying with Douglas Baldwin.” -Thom McLaughlin



Coyote Music was founded by Douglas Baldwin in 1993 to provide students of the guitar, bass , and other fretted instruments with the highest level of personal instruction possible.  His goal has always been to guide his students to the skills necessary for playing whatever music they wish to play. These skills (and the subsequent flow of most lessons) are addressed as:

                * Technique

                * Information

                * Application

Technique is the skill of the hands and body. How do we physically hold the instrument? Where do we put our thumb? Does the tip of the finger go here, or over here? And why do I get an ache in my lower back whenever I play? These are the kinds of problems we address when we hone the skill of the hands and body. Good technique prepares the musician for the best possible way to play in a wide variety of situations – a “resting place,” if you will, from which the musician acts. Reliable technique transcends style and performance.


Information is the skill of the mind. What’s the name of that note? Why is F#dim7 the same as Adim7? Or is it?  Do I even need to learn how to read music? The skill of information begins with the naming of sounds and the written record of those names, and grows to include pattern recognition and the ability to think ahead and make creative leaps in playing.


Application is the skill of the heart. What is it that I love to hear? Can I hear myself playing what I love? Do I really want to play the guitar when it all seems so hard and hopeless? How can I ever stop playing when everything else in the world seems so hard and hopeless? Simply put, the skill of application begins by focusing on what the student wants to learn – songs, new chords, challenging licks, marketable skills – and grows to address how the student will apply themselves and their musical skills to their world.




Douglas is not only an incredible teacher, but he exudes his love and knowledge of music. His passion keeps my son engaged and eager to continue improving and enjoying playing guitar!” - Joanne DiLisio, parent 



About Douglas Baldwin

Douglas got his first guitar in 1968 and has been a professional guitarist and instructor ever since. His advanced musical studies include Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles  (1973-74) and private study with Carmine D’Amico  (1980-1983), John Scofield  (1981), and Robert Fripp's Guitar Craft Seminars (1985-present). He has worked professionally with numerous Long Island-based musicians including Wes Houston (1978-1980) and Kim Strongin (1980-1982) and was employed by the Steven Scott Orchestras from 1982 to 1990. Currently, he works as music director and guitarist for the R’n’B legends The Coasters and trance/jam masters Transmorpheous, among many others. He is first-call guitarist at Northport’s Engeman Theater and has played shows as diverse as "Evita," "Hair," "West Side Story," "Godspell," "Spring Awakening," “Cabaret” (on tenor banjo!) and numerous others. He also performs solo guitar-driven live ambient looping as The Coyote Loops!


From 2000 to 2007, Douglas was Associate Editor of GuitarOne Magazine, and is the author of several guitar and mandolin instruction books and CDs, most notably Comprehensive Chord Theory for Guitar, published by Hal Leonard.



I am an older student who never had a background in music but wanted to learn. Douglas is extremely patient with me and takes the time to explain musical concepts in terms I can understand.” -Thomas Simson


Lessons are available at my studio in Setauket and online via Zoom.

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