1. Mamajuana

This creature made itself known while I was on vacation with my family in the Dominican Republic, December 2008 (the Melia Caribe Tropical in Punta Cana – email me privately if you wish for more info on this paradise resort). I brought a cute little “travel studio” to practice with (Steinberger guitar, Alesis GuitarFX, and Zoom 201 drum machine) and lo! “Mamajuana” began to emerge. After we got home, I spent an hour or so programming the song’s form into the drum machine, then a couple of hours finalizing the melody, recording, mixing down and burning to CD. The drums are the Zoom 201, and the two guitars and bass were recorded simply as instrument > Boss GT-8 > Korg D1600. There is no “mastering” of this track in the traditional sense, other than a touch of room reverb. Oh yes, the melody/lead guitar employs a Visual Sound “Angry Fuzz.” Whompa bompa, thank you mamajuana.

Some unsolicited comments from Ethan Meixsell: "Very cool, angular stuff. Reminds me of Thrak-era King Crimson. That lead tone with the Octavia-like effext at times sounds like an overdriven Rhodes, at others sounds like a constipated Jeff Beck, all with groove and swagger. Very nice stuff here."