S t a i r w a y  t o  H e a v e n :
A  N e a t  V a r i e t y  S h o w

At some point around 2008, I became a bit obsessed with the idea of how many anagrams I could make from “Stairway to Heaven.” Many were made by playing with Scrabble letter blocks. Ethan Meixsell also came up with quite a few - he was teaching from my studio at the time. At some point I lost an "A" and didn't realize it, so some of these anagrams are one "A" shy of correct. If you happen upon this list and wish to point out an incorrect anagram, or if you have one to contribute, please send an e-mail my way with “Stairway Anagram” in the subject.

A hare’s one wavy tit.
A heavy ton, wise rat.
A hot rainy stew, Eva.
A hot stew; an ivy ear.
A naive horsey twat
A naive tasty whore
A Navy sea-whore tit
A neat variety show
A neat way to shiver
A shaven ear-tit? Yow!
A shaven tit era? Yow!
A sinew at the ovary
A stone hairway vet
A Taiwan horsey vet
A Taoist way? Ha! Never!
A vast year: he won it.
A visa to the raw yen
A vista there? No way!
A vista to anywhere
A waiter-shaven toy
A wavy ion theatre.
A way to Earth’s vine
A way to enter Shiva
A way to even his art
A way to heaven: stir.
A way to heist Raven.
A way to heist Verna
A way to her tin vase.
A way to his ear vent
A way to Iran’s vet, eh?
A way to reinvest? Ha!
A way to save her tin
A way to serve tin? Ha!
A wavy ion’s thetre.
A way to sin: the rave.
A way to sit, eh, Raven?
A way to stir heaven
A way to tan her vise
A way to tarnish Eve
A way to the ravines
A way to vat resin, eh?
A wee horny atavist
A white Aryan stove
A white Aryan votes
A whore eats tan ivy
A wise rat honey vat.
A wise, not heavy, rat.
A wry one, eh, atavist?
Aetna variety show
Ah! A way to reinvest!
Ah, a way to never sit
Aha! As even I try two.
Aha! Even I swat Troy!
Aha! Even I toast wry!
Aha! Even I try to saw.
Aha! Vera’s new tit! Oy.
Aha! Was even I to try?
Ahoy ‘n’ avast, writee!
Ahoy! A native strew!
Ahoy! A rat’s wet vein!
Ahoy! A rat’s wet vine!
Ahoy! A rat-newt vise!
Ahoy! A tensive wart!
Ahoy! A tin sewer vat!
Ahoy! A tin straw, Eve!
Ahoy! A twister vane!
Ahoy! A waiter’s vent!
Ahoy! A wart in Steve!
Ahoy! A wet rave-snit!
Ahoy! I averts a newt.
Ahoy! I wet a servant!
Ahoy! Naïve rat stew!
Ahoy! We a raven’s tit!
Ahoy, newer atavist!
Ahoy, Steve! A raw nit!
Ahoy, Steve! A tin war!
Ahoy, Steve! Win a rat!
Ahoy, sweet variant!
Ahoy, Vera! A twin set!
Ahoy, Vera! A winsett!
Ahoy, Vera! It’s a newt!
Ahoy, wise rat! A vent!
Airwave tents ahoy!
An atavist here? Yow!
An atavist here? Yow!
An’ we try to shave… ai!
Anyhow, eat a vet, sir.
Arena-heavy tits! Yow!
Aryan views to hate
Aryan vows hate tie
As a vet, he won it, Ray.
As ever, a way to hint
At visa to anywhere
Atavist honeyware.
Atavist weeny hora
Attain Harvey’s woe
Attorney waives? Ha!
Avant eyewash trio
Avatar hits own eye
Avatar sin toy! Whee!
Avatar toes in whey
Avesta, a tiny whore
Avian eye wart host
Avis: a way to rent, eh?
Avow the tiny arse.
Aw, even I try oat ash.
Await Harvey’s note
Await Harvey’s tone
Await, ye hot ravens!
Away to her natives
Away to her tins, Eva!
Away, Vera, to the sin.
Ay! He won a vast tire.
Ay, a hot nerve waits.
Ay, even I shat tar. Ow!
Ay, new atavist hero.
Earn a way to his vet
Eat shit, ya raw oven.
Eno’s tit: a heavy war
Ere a twisty Navaho
Ernie, why a vast Tao?
Eva isn’t a way to her.
Eva, a tan itsy whore
Eva, a tiny whore, sat.
Even I saw a hat, Troy.
Even I shat a rat. Yow!
Even I shat a war toy
Even I start away-oh.
Even I toast raw hay.
Even I was a ratty ho’.
Even I, a tasty raw ho’.
Eye this avatar now.
Ha! A variety o’ newts!
Ha! Stationery wave
Harvey’s Taiwan toe
Have a toasty wiener.
He isn’t a way to Vera.
He one wary atavist.
He waves to a tin ray
He won a teary vista.
He won a treaty visa.
He won a varsity tea.
He won aviary teats.
He’s away to vent air.
He’s yeti avatar now.
Hear a way to invest
Hear ye now, atavist.
Heavy as a tire now
Heavy as a worn tie
Her Evan’s a way to it.
Herein, a way to vats.
Hey now, atavist ear.
Hey! Avatar toe wins!
Hi Art (a sweaty oven)
Hi Art, ye ovate swan.
Hi Art. A neat vow, yes?
Hi Art. Say “a teen vow.”
Hi Art. Weave any sot?
Hi Art. Ya weave snot?!?!
Hi Steven, ya rat. A-ow!
Hi Steven, ya raw oat.
Hi Sven. Rotate away!
Hi teensy avatar. Ow!
Hi! (Art waves any toe.)
Hi! Taste Eva Norway!
Hi! Veto a west Aryan!
Hi! Veto Aryan sweat!
Hi! Vote Aryan sweat!
Hi, avatar teens. Yow!
Hi, Eve, raw an’ toasty.
Hi, sweaty raven Tao
Hi, tense avatar. Yow!
Hi. Sven ate a rat? Yow!
Hit nosy avatar! Wee!
Hit wavy-arse note
Hoist avatar weeny.
Hon, is “eye wart” a vat?
Honey, is avatar wet?
Hot avian eye warts
Hot sanitary weave
I answer a heavy tot
I ate a very hot swan.
I ate a snowy TV, Hera.
I ate woven rats’ hay.
I envy a hose twat.
I see that Aryan vow
I sew a hot Aryan vet
I tow the Aryan vase
I try a sweet Navaho
I wave at the rayons
I, a vast Tao anywhere
I, Toyah, a wet raven.
Into the wavy arse
Ion sty, avatar? Whee!
Is he now avatar yet?
It’s a way hot nerve.
It’s a way to Raven, eh? 
I.W. Roy has eaten a TV.
Navaho twit era? Yes!
Nero was a heavy tit
Norway’s a vet I hate
Nosey white avatar
Note: it’s a heavy war
O! Heavy as a winter!
O, even I was that ray.
O, save the Aryan wit!
Oh even I start away.
Oh, atavist New Year.
Oh, I’ve ten warts. Yaa!
Oh, it’s a rat yawn, Eve.
Oh, it’s avatar weeny!
Oh, Steve! A tiny war!
Oh, Tanya! Swerve it!
Oh, tasty arena view!
Oh, were any atavist here.
Oh, wet-arse vanity!
Oi! We envy a rat’s hat.
Ovens at the airway
Rain vat to eyewash
Raven Taoist way, eh?
Rawest Navaho yeti
Re. a way to ants hive
Re. a way to heist van
Re. a way to invest: HA!
Save a Norway tit, eh?
Save attire anyhow
Seawheat or vanity
Set into a heavy war
Shaven tit area! Yow!
Shit! Avatar eye won.
Shot via an eye war
Sit, oh avatar weeny.
Sit; eat a Navy whore.
Siva, a whore at Tyne
Soviet-Aryan wheat
Soy avatar twine, eh?
Stairway oven hate
Stairway oven heat
Sway it, Tahoe raven!
Sweaty Navaho rite
Tao say “white raven”
Tease it, wry Navaho
The soy wine, avatar.
The way to Verna is a…
Then away to Eva, sir!
Tho’ even I was a tray.
Thy arena seat, I vow
Thy raven ate Iowa
To Navy white arse
Tony, have a wise rat.
Tony, he wise avatar.
Tow a vanity hearse
Tow thy naïve arse
Toy avatar sinew, eh?
Toy avatar swine, eh?
Try wise Navaho tea
Vain eye wart oaths
Vain Tarot eyewash
Vanity eats a whore
Variant to eyewash
Vera, away! He’s not it!
Verna? She is a way to it
Verne has a way to it.
Veto tiny arse? Haw!
View that yon arse
Vote with any arse.
Vote with arse? Nay!
Wait. Say, “a hot nerve.”
Wary at the evasion
Was even I thy aorta?
Watery Navaho ties
Wave hits Aryan toe
Wavy eats on the air
Wavy toe hits arena
We have to sanitary
We hit nosey avatar!
We hot-arse vanity
We savor a hyena tit
We shit on ye, avatar.
We tote Aryan Shiva
We try a Navaho site
We’re on atavist hay.
We’ve shit Aryan oat
Wee ivy on a rat’s hat.
What a toy is a nerve!
Whee! Atavist rayon!
Who? An eery atavist?
Why a veto, tin arse?
Why a vise, arena tot?
Why one atavist era?
Wise to envy a rat? Ha!
Witty arse, eh, Nova?
Worn as a heavy tie
Yah! Are we in a toast!
Yawn at the ovaries
Ye ain’t a vast whore
Ye wet Navaho sitar
Ye, an atavist whore.
Yea, her own atavist.
Yes, he won it, avatar.
Yet is a whore avant?
Yeti arena: how vast!
Yeti, a savant whore
Yo! Hi Steven! At a war?
Yo! I swear at the van.
Yo, avatar teen wish.
Yo, he’s avatar twine.
Yo, hi, newest avatar.
Yo, stir a wet vane. Ha!
Yow! It’s a tear haven!
Yow! That arse vein!