Lynx to everything

One of my favorite online diaries is that of Robert Fripp. Robert founded Guitar Craft in 1985, and I was quite involved in the external world of Guitar Craft from 1985 to about 1992. Nowadays I am quite involved in the internal world of Guitar Craft, at least until the external world comes calling. Here's the link to Guitar Craft.

For recording shoptalk, I always check in with TapeOp.You can subscribe to the physical publication for free simply by visiting the web site. TapeOp is remarkably trustworthy and informative.

I've known him since about 1960, and we've been close friends for almost as long. Scott Kistenberger is the drummer for Chaser, and his web page is a great portal to the music scene of Long Island. Scotty also turned me on to Bandzoogle, web host of these very pages. Scott was also the drummer for Wisdom, the legendary band from 1969-70, and co-drummer (with Bill Grillo) in the Skydogs from about 1974 to 1978.

Speaking of Bill Grillo, black-bearded brother Billy is now a watercolorist in Rockport MA. Here's his web site: .

Jeff Wheeler, another wizard from Wisdom has a web site on vintage radios. Jeff wrote "Postmortal Postman," which you can hear on my Listen page.

The Long Island music scene would be far poorer without the contributions of Wes Houston. My years with Wes from 1978-1980 were a huge part of my musical education. (Be sure to check his photos page for a couple shots of yours truly in a past life.)

Keith Hurrell is one of the finest drummers I've ever had the pleasure of playing with, and a dear friend besides. A small indication of his musicianship is that he tunes pianos for a living. For piano maintenance or drumming duties, contact Keith at his website.

Here are some links for guitar and music instruction that I've found useful. The website of Durga Ojha outlines the basics of music in clear and simple English. He also hopes to post some Nepalese folk music which I am really eager to see and hear. Durga is in nepal, by the way. Steve Vai's article on rhythmic notation is possibly the best I've ever seen. For some pretty brilliant jazz transcriptions, Steve Khan is the man.

Some friends from Guitar Craft who have some amazing music of their own:
Jon Diaz - I highly recommend his CD "Circling From Above" (it has a permanent place in my car CD player). You can also see and hear a live performance of his quartet on YouTube. 
Victor McSurely and
Steve Ball
the California Guitar Trio

One of my favorite audience members, and a serious brew enthusiast, is Tom "Tabasco" Young. Check out his funky site at .