1. Keeyater

"Keeyater" was written under the influence of Korg's Mini-Kaos Pad. I was working with the Mini-KP in order to contribute to the Korg "Guitarville" newsletter, and while messing with the Mini-KP, this piece lept out. It lept out so fast, I could barely write it down fast enough. On June 15th, 2007, I posted a contest: 1) The improvised section in the middle follows a form made famous by Miles Davis. Can you name the tune? 2) What is the intervallic relation between the tonalities of the head and the improvised section? Anyone who can answer BOTH of these questions will receive a free copy of my book, "Play Guitar By Ear." Ultra bonus question: Can anyone name ANY OTHER PIECE OF MUSIC that follows the same form as that of the answer to Question #1? If you can turn me on to ANY OTHER PIECE OF MUSIC with this form, I'll send you a free copy of "The Coyote Loops! Dress Rehearsal, April 2005" AND "looper's Delight Compilation Vol. 3!" A bargain at half the price. 
The contest ended on June 30th, 2007. There was one winner, Germany's Tilman Dehnhard, and he nailed it perfectly. He wrote:
the piece is "so what" and it is a tritone apart (ab minor) from the key of your theme (d minor).
another piece using the same chord structure is impressions by john coltrane. 
Tilman got the book, the CDs, and my thanks.