1. The Bone Song
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One of my first reggae songs, written about 1973. This performance is by the Skydogs, about 1976.
Douglas Baldwin - guitar, lead vocal
Stephen Ramirez - guitar, background vocal
Wayne Brusseau - bass, background vocal
Scott Kistenberger - drums, background vocal
Bill Grillo - drums, background vocal


(Douglas Baldwin)

Some folks only dig-a the skin, ah.
And some are deep, they dig the skeleton.
Now me a peaceful man but me disagree
'Cause neither of them got the magic that me need.

Well, me don't know but me been told
A skeleton ain't got no soul
And me feel so lost and me feel so low
If that skeleton were all that me ever, ever, ever get to know.

You can light the coal without no fire
But a skeleton got no desire
Now you can't drink the water without a cup
But neither's any good when you're all filled up

[Repeat chorus, call-and-response solos on verse form, harmony solos on chorus form]

Now if I see my life as a ball and chain
(Just a skeleton)
Then I see my soul as a skeleton
(Just a skeleton)
But if I see my life as a ball of light
(Just around the bend)
Then I see my soul in the blackest night
(Just around the bend)

[Repeat Chorus]