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Wisdom existed for about a year, maybe a year and a half, from 1969-1970. It reached its peak in the summer of 1970 when Glenn Lyons (guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, alto sax, vocals), Jeff Wheeler (guitar, keyboards, electric violin, bass guitar, vocals), Michael Barber (bass guitar, keyboards, guitar, vocals), Scott Kistenberger (drums), and Douglas Baldwin (guitar, bass guitar, percussion, vocals) rented a house outside Boston, Massachusetts, and composed, recorded, and performed all original music. The tale of these five wizards coming together, gradually drifting apart, and reuniting thirty-five years later is a monumental and iconic one. Sooner or later I'll get around to telling it, too. In the meantime, I've recorded one of the few songs that escaped recording thirty five-pus years ago.
Postmortal Postman was composed by Jeff Wheeler (1969-70) with additional lyrics by Douglas Baldwin (2006), performed by dB with a bit of Wisdom; massed violins were generously performed by Mikki Kirdahy.


Somethings wrong. Harry's gone. Now she won't know what to do.

He'd been strong, helped her on. Now there's noting she can do.

The lonely nights of crying out for mercy...

She called out Harry's name and said, "Please help me."

Now you're all alone and you are lost without a home to call your own.

Call his name out in vain, hoping someday he will hear.

She's in pain. Such a shame. Doesn't know it but he's still near.

Your foolish prayers begged that he'd never leave you,

But not a word of comfort came to relieve you.

Now you're all alone and you are lost without a hoime to call your own.

The ashes in the fireplace burst into flame,

And as the sparks formed Harry's face she heard her name.

"Now you're not alone and evermore we'll have a place to call our own!"