The Coyote Loops Dress Rehearsal
  • The Coyote Loops Dress Rehearsal
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An evening of The Coyote Loops!, this is a virtual live performance of the Coyote, looping. It's solo electric guitar, processed beyond recognition and "looped" (repeated) to create a huge range of soundscapes. Care for a taste before you buy? Listen to the music playing as you read these words. There's no drum machine on "Dress Rehearsal" but otherwise it's quite similar to "Solo Looped Guitar and Drum Machine" and "Solo Looped Guitar, March 29, 2005." For real samples directly from the CD, go to the Listen sub-page of my Music Page and check out "Tuvan Drone/eBow Melody," "The Long Dance" or  "Etude in Fifths." Packaging of the CD is very DIY, yet impeccable, with fractal artwork on the cover, copious liner notes and a carefully hand-lettered and quality-control-tested CD inside.

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