Strangers continue to visit from all over the world...

Yesterday I had a walloping 250 visits to this web site, mostly in a six-hour period, mostly to the Writing page, mostly for a minute. Folks came from all over the world - Singapore, Finland, Australia, Uzbekistan, Guatemala, the far-flung Isles of Langerhan - to view what? My resume? My writing credits? My links to the Korg web site? 'Tis indeed a mystery.

In other news, I tentatively completed my second ambient CD last night. It's a recording from 2005, minimally edited and mixed for public consumption. Working title: "The Crystal Window." I burned a test CD and began listening in the car while driving home from the studio - always a good test. Gotta do just a little more listening, especially with headphones, but so far it's rockin' my world. I'm mulling over other titles. I'm thinking about buying an Epson printer that'll print onto CDs cuz my experiments in decorating CDs proved a bit too sloppy and slow. Next step - design a cover. Probably a fractal, but with higher resolution than "Dress Rehersal."

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