Michael Barber, Nikola Tesla, and Fabulous Babes

A visit from Michael and Christine Barber this past Saturday. They braved the tail end of a wicked rain storm with high winds to drive from warm Manhattan to the wilds of near-Eastern Long Island. They first took in a tour of the Coyote Music Studio, then headed further East to the Baldwin home in Sound Beach, then scurried still further East to see Wardenclyffe, the former laboratory of Nikola Tesla. "Who's Tesla?," you ask. Ever heard of a little thing called alternating current? Ever listen to a thing called radio? Ever turn on a flourescent light? Tesla invented more fundamental uses of electricity than little Tommy Edison could dream of in three lifetimes. You might start with Wikipedia's biography of Tesla . Then look at these photos Michael took of Wardencliffe in its current condition:

The large white industrial construction to the left is the remains of a film developing laboratory that took over the lab in the 1940s and remained active until the 1970s. They built quite a bit of tasteless white boxlike crap around the original building. They also used the pit Tesla dug (as part of his resonance tower designed to generate free electricity worldwide) to dump toxic chemicals. Here's another view of Tesla's lab:

...and the plaque honoring Tesla:

On a lighter note, we headed back from the lab to Brightwaters Dr. and had a delicious baked spinach ziti, salad, and apple/cranberry pie, all cooked by the amazing Elk herself. Michael and Douglas found themselves on the floor, talking music and making plans for the recording of tracks for D's next book, Play Mandolin Today!:

(Douglas is  looking about ready for jusht one more glassh of that delishusss wine M&C brought.)
As promised, here are the Fabulous Babes:

That's Christine on the left and Deborah on the right. Behind them is the armoire that Deb's sister Gail painted for us.

I'm hoping to post some of Michael's music on this web site, but that won't happen today. It is now 10:40 am and I have two product reviews to complete for my employer. Of course this is webland, too, where 10:40 rapidly became 11:00 as yrs truly had to relearn how to post photos on his bloggish blogosity.
Ta ta for now! 

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