How the muse arrives and departs...

I have to wonder sometimes... is it age, or is it just becoming more and more attuned to the body's signals? Or both? Or something else?


So I played last night out in Matituck, got about five hours sleep and now it's Saturday morning, I arrive at the studio at about 8:45am and I am totally ON FIRE. I have Coltrane's "Mr. P.C."  whirring in me, and I can barely plug in my guitar - I just start playing and playing and it's just flowing like mad science. I put on the recording of "Mr. P.C." from The Paris Concert and play along - I'm locked on it like a laser.

An hour-plus whirls by, and then my first student arrives.

Student after student, and four hours later I can finally resume practicing again. A slightly different challenge: play along with a practice CD, following a iim7b5 - V altered cadence, eight measures in C minor (Dm7b5 - G7 alt.), eight measures in F minor (Gm7b5 - C7 alt.), etc. following the circle of fourths.

And I just can't seem to focus. Low blood sugar? Lack of fresh air? Mental exhaustion?

Whatever. Time for a break, to clean up, to write this, and then reality interrupts again: gotta leave to go shopping and on to home.

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