gig giggles

Back in the saddle with some live giggery. This past Saturday, June 30, it was with Johnny Volume at Port Jazz in Port Jefferson. This was as a sub for Skip Krevens, who is Johnny Volume's first-call guitar guy. My Number One Groupie, Miss Elk, was so devoted to my performance that she only took photos of me! However, the Fabulous Babe hanging with Mitchell Ames (Johnny Volume's front man and leader) got a shot of the two of us attaining some kind of expressive blues-rock moment here.

Here's a shot of drummer Hodge and I being overseen by the cartoon DJ...

Here's a nice sweaty shot towards the end of the set. I'm playing slide with my favorite chromed steel finger appendage: a Sears Craftsman 5/8" hex core deep socket wrench.

This gig was pretty much a template for the right way to do a bar gig. I got the CD of songs and songlist (including notes on background vocals and  appropriate directions for certain songs: "cop horn line at intro," "add chorus effect on bridge to simulate Hammond," etc.) from Mitchell about three weeks in advance, got together once with Mitchell, got together once with the full band (including not-yet-shown-but-vital Phillip Gardner on bass), did my homework in between (practice with and without CD, prepare charts), alerted the local fan base, and BOOM! Now it's on to the next gig, and the next, and the next...

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